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Highly-Optimized Routes!

Connect the dots by car - explore the dots on foot!
Absorb the quintessential flavor of every neighborhood.
Hidden gems, historic spots, legendary views,
ALL in addition to the Must-See sights.
TIME is at its peak value when you're in New York City;
"Take Manhattan!" will help you to multiply yours!

The Best Secret Bathrooms!

They're on our route! 
Our guests' comfort throughout the day is a primary goal.
Complimentary water, snacks, and coffee,

also help to keep us going!

Be in Your Photos!

Your guide is a very decent and willing photographer
who can lead you directly to the best views.
(We stock extra memory cards and batteries, just in case.)

What we call: "Chauffer Choreography!"

Our driver picks us up exactly 

where our short strolls end - 
we never need to back track!  
This allows us to walk only the choicest blocks - save our steps -
and make your Grand Tour possible!

The Story of New York!

The American Renaissance was born in New York.  
The American Revolution was rooted in New York. 
And the American Century was forged here
in every imaginable form!
We'll share these insights with you.  
Get as much - or as little - detail as you'd like.
"Take Manhattan!" is not a speech, it's a conversation.
We connect the dots, not from a script but,
through the experience we’re having together -
and always at an appropriate level of familiarity
for your group's interest.
We'll present New York City as a creation -
a visually spectacular place -
and introduce to you its architects, sculptors, philanthropists, inventors and revolutionaries,
via our i-Pad slides.

Our i-Pad slides!

Have you not seen them yet?

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