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In New York City

for business?

    Have just one day

    to look around?



        Party trip with

        your friends?

Need the biggest bang

for your buck?



Once-in-a-lifetime family vacation?

Want to naivgate the city with ease?



"Take Manhattan!" is your private whirlwind.


Walk only the choicest blocks - through all of the highlights - then be whisked away to your next peak moment.  


As your step-saving guide I can expertly lead you

to the best views, with concise historical insight.


However, "Take Manhattan!" is not a speech, it's a conversation.

I connect the dots, and thread the stories together, not from a script - but through the experience that

we're having together...and always at an appropriate level for your group or family's interest.


Our clients have referred to their "Take Manhattan!" Tour as

"one of the most efficient and best spent days" of their lives.


It's fun!


My tours focus on the visually spectacular... the picturesque... and the charmingly quaint.

I see New York City as a creation.

You'll be introduced to its architects, sculptors, philanthropists, inventors, and revolutionaries,

via my i-Pad slides which provide an immediate and lush context for what we're seeing.


I invite you to email me, or call, or just come along.  There's really never been a tour like it.


- Ed McNamee

Tour Designer and Guide


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